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* To Kind & Loving Homes Only *

Panda Puppies!

Hi everybody ~ we are the Panda Puppies! Our mommy & daddy

are Panda & Mary Lou and we are excited to meet you. Mary is an all white Maltese and our daddy "Panda" is a designer Pomsky.

Both our parents are very well behaved, never caged, eat organic food, house trained, and great around kids & adults

4 pups.png

Panda Pups

There are 4 of us

Two girls & 2 boys

We are all very soft & cuddly!

We would love to meet you -

Will you be our new family??

Teddy headshot.png


My name's Teddy

and I was the first born

I'm also the biggest, so

I protect my brother & sisters!

Also everyone says I look like a

little lion so sometimes I growl like 

one and pretend I'm king of the jungle. 

My favorite thing is when I lay on my tummy 

and you pet me til I fall asleep....ahhhh :) 

Teddy headshot.png
Lana headshots.png
Lana headshots.png


My name's Lana and I think I'm the

prettiest Panda puppy. When my sister 

and brothers are playing I like to climb up on something high so I can  watch them and

wait for the perfect moment to sneak up 

from behind and surprise everyone by

biting their little tails & running away!


My name's Angel and I'm almost pure white,

except I have one little gray ear and a little gray spot on my back. My fur is so soft & fuzzy that you will love holding me. My favorite thing to do is be held & cuddled while you pet my little head. I'm 

definitely the calmest one and Dad says 

I'm just a  perfect gentleman at all times.

Angel headshot.png
Cookie headshot.png


My name's Cookie and I'm the smallest one, but 

you better watch out cuz I'm also the fastest! 

Whenever my parents come in the room, I'm

always the first one to run over & climb all

the way up your arms so I can lick your face

and give you kisses & bite your ears, haha.

I'm also the one who looks most like my Daddy

cuz my fuzzy little coat has the same colors.

These very special, soft, sweet and adorable little puppies are available to

good loving patient owners, who want to add a new little family member to

their home. All of the Panda Puppies are playful, funny, and super cute in their

own way unique way. We are sure that you will love them as much as we do.

We wish we could keep them all, but our home is small and right now our lives

are not ready to have six dogs ~ we love our Mary & Panda and may choose

to have puppies again someday, but now is not the time. So we are looking for

the right owners to raise these little cuties. You will be very happy you did!

$1500/each to Loving Homes

Adopt a Panda

Brighten up your world!

Thanks, we'll contact you soon!

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