1. BE SEEN next to big name artists - your product & branding viewed by literally hundreds of millions of eyes of the most coveted age demographic. Remember that today's young people are tomorrow's consumers! By building product recognition & brand loyalty at an early age, you gain faithful customers for life. 

  2. BRAND ASSOCIATION with celebrities - we all know that stars drive consumerism., and when fans see your product alongside their favorite artists they not only trust you, but subconsciously desire to be like their idols, which directly converts into sales for you & your team!

  3. UNMATCHED IMPACT for the price - typical video placements average at about 1 penny per 30 viewers, or $0.0003 /each. Whereas one IG post can cost between $3,000 - $100,000 and upwards, reaching usually less than 1 million actual viewers, meanwhile our videos average more views than the Super Bowl! When compared with traditional forms of advertising such as TV, magazines, billboards, YouTube or Facebook ads, then STAR POWER is a small fraction of the investment and way more bang for your buck.

  4.  ADDED VALUE Public Relations blast - to over 30 major celebrity gossip sites & media outlets. Once news of your STAR POWER collaboration hits the circuit, you receive even more millions of views as the story breaks that your brand is working with "X" celebrity and features a spot in their new video. These stories and the accumulative view count live online for years and provide additional references & buzz beyond the original scope.

  5. WORD OF MOUTH serves your company yet another major boost of publicity by making your appearance in the new hit song a topic of discussion & gossip amongst fans. They talk, comment & post about your brand seen the new video, and if your product is being talked about, then the STAR POWER placement worked. We provide measured results & proven statistics upon request - just fill out the contact form to speak with someone at SET BIZ.